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hire an agent that knows how and is willing to do the work.  They don't teach it in real estate classes.  Only a fraction of agents are capable of finding you the home you love AND a motivated seller while meeting your deadline.  It isn't based on years of experience as an agent, although experience is involved.  You, as the buyer, have to make sure you're hiring an agent that's capable of swimming with the sharks without being eaten alive.  Otherwise, you will most likely end up with the short end of the stick - short on options and running out of time.  You might even end up having to move twice after all.  

The first part is simple, but not easy.  It starts with the website and being able to search the way agents do.  Some agents try to convince you to only look at a few houses because it's too confusing.  That's simply not true.  It may have been too confusing before cell phones and computers, but today, you should look at as many houses as you can and still hit your deadline.  You don't need to move here and rent to learn the area.  People do that because so many agents will do anything to sell a house today, including selling you the wrong one.  If you're working with someone in whom you have complete confidence, you can save yourself the trouble of moving twice.  You just need to know that your agent is going to look for the good, the bad and the ugly and point them out to you, even though they know it's going to mean more work.  If you work with, you will save $10's of thousands of dollars because we don't "cajole" people to make an offer and try to scare you that you're going to lose your dream home.  Quite the opposite.  There are plenty of choices out there right now.   It's time when it's time and it will be obvious to all of us when that is.  Maybe the seller of the first home isn't motivated and hasn't realized that their home isn't priced where it needs to be.  You can either pay their price and miss out on an opportunity to start out 10's of thousands of dollars to the good, or we can move onto the next one until we find a home you love and a motivated seller.  

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