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 55 Is The New 40...  So, you’ve reached that age that we all aspire to, old enough to have some wisdom but young enough to still grab the bull by the horns and LIVE!  Welcome to being 55+ in the 21st century. 

There was a time in the not too distant past that being 55+, either retired or closing in on it, meant you were “old”.  My, how things have changed.  In today’s world 55 really is the new 40.  People are generally healthier and stay “young” much longer than they used to.


 The real estate world has recognized this trend and builders across the country have built 55+ communities that cater to the new 40 generation.  Below we will discuss some of the pros and cons of these communities and list the options for homes in the Summerville area.

Is a 55+ community right for you?  It just might be the best choice you ever made.  Let’s look at the positive aspects first.


The plus side of 55+ communities

  • NO TEENAGERS – Young people, you gotta love’m, but not necessarily live next to them. These communities allow you to escape the rap music, bad driving and loud social events of our younger generation.
  • Close to shopping and health care – Builders generally build these communities in close proximity to shopping outlets and medical facilities so it’s easy to take care of yourself without long trips.
  • Like minded neighbors – Since most communities limit the ability to purchase homes to people who are 55 or over, your neighbors will share the same or similar values and lifestyles. In other words, these are generally “friendly” neighborhoods that allow you to fit right in and make friends.
  • Increased security – Let’s face it, the world is a crazier place than it used to be and security is important. Many 55+ communities are gated to increase security and those that aren’t generally offer other means of improved home security.

The not so plus side of 55+ communities

  • People are generally of a similar age and background – Some people really like diversity, they thrive on it. If you like living around people very different from you then these communities might not be the best fit.
  • The “old” stigma – Some people look at living in a 55+ community as an acceptance of being “old”. While this is not true at all it can be an issue for some individuals.
  • People like their current home – Many people really like their current homes and can’t see living anywhere else. While familiarity does have its appeal, spreading your wings and having a new experience  can really help keep you young. 

    living room

If this new 40’s type of living appeals to you then you are in luck because the Summerville area offers several truly amazing communities to choose from.  Keep in mind that flying solo is great for getting your pilot’s license but is a truly bad idea when it comes to real estate.  Seek the advice and guidance of a seasoned real estate professional if you are considering a purchase or a sale. I would be honored to help you with any of your real estate needs. 

My contact information is at the bottom of this article.  What are you waiting for, go ahead and call me!

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55+ Charleston Area Communities

Now, let’s look at some 55+ communities in the Summerville area.